I’m a writer, both creative and technical (scroll down for the later). I’ve done copy writing and editing, technical writing… all sorts. Not to mention, I’ve got my handy MFA in Creative Writing, and I teach writing at a university.

Dead ’til Dawn

cabf78d8fbf5440b326d8b207520d912_originalMy first tabletop game to get published, Dead ’til Dawn is a zombie narrative survival horror game for 3 to 8 players. The game feels like a group “choose-your-own-adventure” mixed with competitive role play. The best part is that when survivors die, they aren’t out the game – they simply join the zombie team, and can totally still win!

Who will you be, when night falls and the dead walk? And what will you become by dawn?

Find out more at the Cavewolf Games website, and watch the fun and campy Dead ’til Dawn promo video!


Faithfall is a short story that weaves together my love of werewolves, powered armor military science fiction, and my extensive studies into Christianity. I’m still shopping around for a home for this story, but, it’s easily one my favorite things I’ve written! Now, since it’s not published yet, and only a short story, I can’t give you much here – BUT – I did read the beginning for my graduation, and here’s a video of it!

If you find yourself wanting to read the rest, ask me!


I’m working on a YA novel that deals with themes of anger, rage, homosexuality, religion and monstrosity. Ben, already struggling with how to come out to his friends, is swept up in a blood war between werewolves, and those who hunt them. Ben must come to terms with his very real monstrous nature, while protecting his friends and family, if he can.

If you’re curious about it, let me know!

Mobile Armored Marine: Mission to Far Hope


This is an interactive fiction novel / game app I wrote and coded, using Choice Script. Is that confusing? Sure it is!

Mobile Armored Marine is like a choose-your-own-adventure text game app. Except that you have several stats, and there’s combat, and health, and intrigue and mystery, moral choices, humor, and SO MANY variations of the ending that you’ll want to play it again and again! Some fun details about MAM:

  • The interactive fiction novel is over 72,000 words long!

  • Published by Choice of Games on all app markets.

  • Rated 4.3 on iTunes.

  • 100,000+ downloads.

  • Nominated for Interactive Fiction of the Year in 2012.

  • I’m hoping to work on a sequel, once the dust settles from Dead ’til Dawn.

Killing Wolves

I wrote a poem one night, and submitted it to Lost River Literary Magazine. It got picked up and published. Enjoy!

Killing wolves

Killing wolves is easy.

Northern hunters
Plant a knife in the snow,
Naked blade up,
Slathered in steaming blood.

The scent carries
Arousing, promising,
Come and taste, just a lick
Survive the cold.

Whispers of life and love,
Deliciously warm,
With each taste fresh blood flows.
The more, the more.

You are my blade in the frost.

Technical Writing, Academic Writing, Etc

I’ve got an academic paper presented, a decade and a half of content writing covering sports and youth culture, and technical writing (which means things like procedure manuals, instructions, policies, etc).

If you want to see samples of these other types of writing, just ask! I’ve got em in spades.

Also, what does that even mean? “In spades.” All I can think of is how the Queen of Spades is worth a lot of points in Hearts, but… that doesn’t make sense… Man, I would hate to have to learn English as a second language. And to all of my students who are doing just that – I have empathy for you in spades!