About Me

I’m Steve Cave. I’m a big scruffy guy living in the Pacific Northwest, stomping my way through life, love, and trying to play softball without hurting myself… much. I spend a lot of time injured, but who wants to die healthy?!

Most of my time is spent goofing off with friends, writing, teaching, and working on games. I just launched my own game company in 2017 – Cavewolf Games.

I’ve been building stories and games since as early as I can remember. I made a Shogun Warriors board game in grade school that my best buddy and I played a lot! It didn’t survive my teen years, so I have no idea if it was actually good or not, but we sure had fun playing it. I do remember that each player got to design their own giant robot, and kill each other, which is close to what Robo Rumble later would become…

In Junior High I made a Battle Beasts game. Battle Beasts were these little animal warrior figures that could barely pose, but they had these awesome heat activated panels on their chest that warmed up to showing an icon for either fire, water or wood. Basically it was rock paper scissors, and I made a whole war game where you played all over your living room. It was also fun, and I actually still have the rules somewhere!

Then role playing games took over, and writing stories (bad ones), and then building my own RPG for my friends and I to play, followed by my first card game Robo Rumble (hopefully getting Kickstarted next year!), my second one Survive the Night (now called Dead ’til Dawn, and what my blog is all about), and a third party game called True Colors (up to 20 players!). During this time my stories got better, too, and at some point I’ll throw a few up on here. I mean I won’t “throw them up,” I’ll just post them. Like space werewolves? How about power armored super soldiers? Maybe some autobiographical angst-filled magical realism? Yeah, that last one is maybe a tough sell…

Now, I’ve launched Cavewolf Games LLC, I’m working on getting Dead ’til Dawn into the hands of everyone who backed the project, I’m blogging all about that whole process here to help out anyone else on this perilous path, and I’m eating cereal. All of that, all at once, all RIGHT NOW. Pretty amazing. Also, baseball is on TV, but I’m ignoring it.

If you have any feedback, I’m all ears! You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Yay new stalkers!