I am THIS Close to Shipping! Also, ®!

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Well, it’s been 2 weeks, so here’s a new update about Dead ’til Dawn®! In short, THINGS ARE HAPPENING. They’re just happening in China, and slowly, but they ARE happening!

According to my contact, Annie, with my manufacturer, CustomedCards (https://www.customedcards.com/), they’re aiming to have the manufacturing done this next week! There’s a boat that they are trying to catch that leaves Shanghai on August 16th. More on this as is develops, of course.

A word on CustomedCards – I know this process has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, but if you’re looking for a company to partner with to make your game, I HIGHLY recommend them. Some of the delays have been things that I would never have thought to check on, but they did! They have a great artist on staff to help with issues that arise, and Annie has been AMAZING at replying quickly, understanding what’s needed, and just everything else. Especially if you’re looking to get a prototype printed, they’re cheap and the one I got from them is easily professional quality.

One last little piece of news – I heard back from the lawyer I hired last fall, and “Dead ’til Dawn” is now a registered trademark, owned by Cavewolf Games, and I can start putting ® after the title! You may be asking (and SHOULD be asking), “shouldn’t that have been settled BEFORE you slapped that name on your game?!” Yeah. That would have been smart, but THEN you’d be waiting until 2019 for this game, and the WORLD NEEDS DEAD ‘TIL DAWN!

Also, trademarking a game’s name isn’t really necessary, as long as you can demonstrate that you’ve been selling the product with the name FIRST (this is all stuff I’m acting like I know, that I mind-leached from my lawyer). The real danger with THIS game is the super-saturation of the market with zombie-themed properties with “dead” in the title. My lawyer was mostly worried about the Romero empire getting their feathers ruffled, and so I charged ahead! And now, when Dead ’til Dawn® explodes into children’s cartoons, lunch boxes, and fidget spinners, I’ll be RICH! Buahahaha!

So that’s the news! I’m hoping that this next week I get to update you with YOUR GAMES ARE ON A BOAT! We’ll see! Tune in next week!



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