Green, Cash, and Little Cardboard Bullets

Hey all! I have some time, and I get asked frequently for more updates, soooo here’s a very detailed account of what’s happened this week, with regards to the game. If you are a busy person, you can just skip this update, it’s like a non-arc episode. There’s some craziness, but in the end, it’s all back to normal.

Three fun things this week:

Chapter One – Fifty Shades of Green

Several weeks earlier, when there was a lull while I was waiting on something-or-other, I got the idea to tweak the image at the bottoms of just a few of the zombie cards. Just a little change on only eight of the cards. Changes like this:

Pretty nifty little things for you to notice later and go, “oh whoa, this card is a little different!” and then you’d paw through all the cards, and feel special for noticing something that I’d left for you, and we’d laugh and skip into the meadows hand in hand, with the bluebirds, and raccoons, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals…

So, this last Monday, I get a message from Annie, my contact in China, about how those cards I changed ended up getting the colors in their name banners changed, too, and while the colors look exactly the same on a screen, when printed they are noticeably different. ARGH! So, I set to work to fix those colors, but after 5 attempts, and 3 days, they still didn’t match. I’m actually really good with Photoshop, so this made me crazy! But the problem is that InDesign is involved, and there’s some things about how colors shift from digital to print that are BEYOND MY POWERS! It was slowing everything down, so Thursday, I decided to drop the little plan, and go back to all of them having the same zombie heads and butts. Everything else had been printed – the boxes, the instructions, the tokens, everything was waiting on THIS, and… nifty pics got axed.

Cue sad panda.

Chapter Two – Other People’s Money

Then, the next lame thing happened. Yesterday, I was grading some stuff (I teach), when I got a call to investigate some possible fraudulent charges on my account. Someone had racked up over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS in charges on iTunes, using my business bank account. That’s YOUR money! It’s all been resolved, and we’ll get the money back, but still! This account exists only to get your money to the manufacturer, and to the post office to ship you guys your stuff. Ugh! How on Earth did anyone get the info?! They have no clue. Blech. Sigh.

Cue angry panda.

Chapter Three – A New Hope

The last bit of news is GOOD! I mentioned earlier that, other than these zombie cards, everything has been made already! This is awesome news! Annie sent me this pic of one of the token punchboards that you will get with your game:

And so, there’s all the news for this week!



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