I’ve Sold a Romance Story!

An erotic romance story of mine, “The Brownie will Help,” has been scooped up by Lethe Press for their Stoner Boys anthology! I’m excited, not just because I love getting my stories out there, but this marks a new type of popular fiction for me to jump into.

So, what’s it like, writing erotica? Hard! GET IT?! But seriously, it was MUCH more work than writing about something easy, like space werewolves or alien ninja robots. Those are simple! Capturing the sexual subtleties that lie under the surface when NOT having sex… to me, THAT’S half the heat! If you haven’t tried writing something sexy, I can’t recommend it enough, even just for an exercise. If you give it a shot and want a proofreader, check in and let me know!

And, it doesn’t hurt that romance and erotica pay EXTREMELY well, especially compared to angsty poems about your dad for high-brow literature magazines.

Not that daddy issues don’t get plenty of attention in this story… I mean where would we all be, if we all had great parents?! But why ruin the story for you? Pick up a copy: https://www.lethepressbooks.com/store/p409/THCock.html


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