What’s Really Wrong with Black Panther


Having seen Black Panther several times now,

I can finally put my finger on what really bugs me about that movie. Honestly. It’s infuriating, it’s disgusting, and it’s in Killmonger’s final line:

“Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.”

See? There it is. No doubt you thought the same thing I did when it happened…


My ancestors WHO jumped from the ships.

Honestly. It’s like, read a book, Killmonger! Killmonger? More like Kill… M… Mmnnot good at grammar!

Other than THAT gross mistake, the movie is amazing and everyone should see and love it! It’s one of the best Marvel films to date, with perhaps the most sympathetic villain I’ve seen them come up with yet. And while the movie is getting loads of hype about how it tackle’s the race question, the movie ALSO presents a host of strong female leads as well who definitely don’t need no man!


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