Storytelling Critiques Inspired by Avengers Endgame

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet, well get out there and watch it! Also, stop reading this, because I have some opinions and I’m about to share em!

First off, I want to say that I think this was a great movie. I really enjoyed it, even at the butt-numbing length of three hours, it felt complete, epic, and creative. The time travel aspect really helped to create a sense of completion for so many characters, we got to see so many actors from all of the movies, and I liked the movie’s focus on trying to save everyone, rather than trying to undo the previous movie. Endgame even succeeded in getting me to care about Tony Stark, which is impressive all on its own!

Now, as a storyteller, I do have some thoughts, but I want to couch these as critiques, not as failures. I think this is an excellent movie, and I want to see it several more times! However, especially with movies, there always seem to be places that we can discuss that could have been done better, and here are some of my thoughts on brining people back, on Thanos’ confusing power level, on the conspicuous absence of the military, and on the movie’s cocky failure to time travel without paradoxes.

Welcome Home, Half the Universe! I had my own theories of how they would reverse the events of the last movie, but was also very worried that that’s what they’d do – find a tricky way to undo everything. Which, would have been horrible storytelling… You’ve seen it before, a story messes with time travel and undoes a whole slew of things that were meaningful events for you, the reader/viewer, and the experience ends up feeling cheap (I still refuse to count Hitchiker’s Guide #4 and #5, for exactly this reason). Endgame’s way of brining everyone back, while still having them definitely having been “gone” for five years, was a brilliant balance. All of the growth and pain that the survivors felt for the previous five years is still valid and important, while we do in fact get everyone back. Well, almost everyone, Hulk just leaves Vision and Loki dead, and suddenly in THIS movie, anyone sacrificed to get the soul stone cannot be brought back, even with the omnipotent powers of all six stones combined. What a convenient detail… A detail that seals the deal on us never getting a Black Widow movie, by the way. It was absurd and a bit disgusting that they took a DECADE of Avengers movies AND the success of Wonder Woman before they even attempted to create a female-led hero movie. And forget the morality of it all, how would a Black Widow movie NOT make money?!

How Powerful is Thanos, Anyway? In the last movie, a group of about seven Avengers beat Thanos, and only lost because apparently Quill is not just adorably stupid, but dangerously. Now, we meet Thanos from five years previous, and … he is more powerful? What? In fact, this previous version of Thanos is strong enough to beat Captain Marvel easily, without his gauntlet. This is terrible story telling, folks. We should demand better from our stories that we pay for. When telling stories with super powers, the audience needs to know EXACTLY what those powers are, or it becomes just “whatever the scene needs.” When telling fantasy stories, things need to be even MORE realistic than movies based on day-to-day life. That’s a well established key to writing good speculative fiction (fantasy, horror, sci-fi, etc).

Where’s the Beef? If half the population of the world vanished, you can be certain that in the following five years, the ONE thing that America would rebuild would be our military. In fact, it would be bigger and stronger than ever, and for good reason! So, where were they in that final battle? In fact, where are they in ANY battle? We see Shield sometimes, and Wakonda at least has a military (albeit, it’s like 100 people and four rhinos), so…. where were the US troops? Jets? Missiles? Helicopters? Anything! Imagine in that final battle, if a helicarrier had come through a mystic portal to battle Thano’s ship! And the thing is, you can kill troops and blow up jets by the buckets, and all it does it make it even clearer how dangerous these villains are. The helicarrier could have been ripped in half by the Maw, and I would have loved it.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Endgame. At it’s core, this is a time travel movie, and it knows it. The heroes have a whole conversation about time travel movies where they mock them, which… if it weren’t for that bit of arrogance, I’d let this go. But this movie falls into the most obvious of time travel mistakes – if you time travel and by doing so, remove the reason that you time traveled in the first place, then you never would have time traveled, and you now have a paradox. In this movie, they made sure to dodge that bullet by having the stones and hammer returned to the right times, BUT…. what about Thanos and his army? They go back in time five years, and then are wished away… meaning that Thanos and his army will never attack in the first place. So, then what? See? And the real sad part is, this could be explained away if they’d just taken a moment to do so – Tony could have wished for Thanos and his army to be returned to their time, with no knowledge of what just happened, so that they could fulfill what they need to do. BUT, that’s not what happens in the movie. Not to mention that if you try to ret-con that, you have problems like Gamora and Nebula problem – they would have to vanish, too. As it is, the Gamora of the past is alive and Nebula is dead, and now neither will be around to do what they did, such as being sacrificed for the soul stone. And future Nebula killing her past self, I mean just think about that. This movie is riddled with problems like this.

Time travel can be written and done well, and I think a fantastic example of this is the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure movie (which they make fun of in Endgame). It’s packed with time travel, but watch it carefully – no paradoxes are ever created. When they go back in time, they don’t change anything, they fulfill things that have already happened – from Joan of Arc having her religious experience, to Ted stealing his dad’s keys. That’s how going into the past must work – either, you do things that in your future have already happened, OR, you are not in YOUR past, but some other tangental alternate reality, meaning you aren’t changing YOUR future anyway.

It’s also worth pointing out that now Dr Pym has the ability to time travel as much as he wants. Forget shrinking tech, this is FAR more powerful!

Conclusion: How one would wrap up a story that took 20 films to build up to, I honestly don’t even know, but this was an incredible way to do it. They used time travel, something I’d have argued against at the start, but they used it in a creative and original way, and to be honest I didn’t think of these critiques until far after seeing the movie. In the moment, it all worked! I have a hard time imagining another movie being made with this kind of momentum and this dizzying array of incredible actors, all brought together for one final epic. I am critiquing it, but I know for a fact that if this was left to me to do alone, Id have come up with something magnitudes worse! Of course, movies are made by armies, so that gives us some wiggle room, and these critiques are all useful for storytellers of any level. Like I said before, we should expect more from the stories we pay to consume. Novels don’t get away with a quarter of these issues – readers tend to be more demanding than movie goers. So, hopefully these thoughts of mine will help you with your own storytelling, and if you have your own ideas about these points, or anything else, I’d love to hear about em!

The Kickstarter is Done!

The Dead ’til Dawn Kickstarter is officially done! As of today, the last of the 3-pack boxes have been shipped, along with new single purchases, replacement games and parts. Thank you to everyone who supported this project!

So, what’s next? First off, I’m celebrating over here! Next, will be to overhaul, but in the meantime it still works, if any of your friends want to get their own copy of Dead ’til Dawn, or to get copies of the expansion pack, the expanded rules, more tokens, etc.

Also next, more expansion packs, games, and more! I’ve got one general expansion pack in the works, and am always interested in hearing new ideas, so if you have any ideas for cards, I’d love to hear em! I also have two expansions in mind that would each change the feeling and goal of the game. One would add a lot of supernatural elements, equipment, and characters, and would add “breaking the curse” as a goal of the game. The second large expansion would see the players taking the roles of agents sent into the infection zone, searching for key people, equipment and facilities in order to stop the outbreak.

But in the meantime, definitely pick up your copy while you can! The game is getting great reviews, and I’m so proud of it! Thank you again, so much, for joining me on this incredible adventure. This has been a dream for so many years, thank you!!!


Dirty Paws

The bees had declared a war
The sky wasn’t big enough for them all
The birds, they got help from below
From Dirty Paws and the creatures of snow

  • Of Monsters and Men

I love this song, and had an image in mind – what if the Dirty Paws character was named such because she was something of a mountain? I hope you enjoy it! Drawn on my Galaxy Note 8.

FREE Expanded Rules for Dead ’til Dawn

I now have expanded rules for Dead ’til Dawn! I took into consideration all of the feedback I’d received from the first shipped waves, and created a set of longer rules (16 pages!), for those who want them. The rules are the same as the booklet that comes inside the game, but without worrying about saving space, and with an eye to making sure that every question I’ve received gets answered, and that each entry in the glossary gets a thorough explanation. These are the rules that I wish had gone with the sets originally!

Get the Rules at I’d post them here, but I want to keep them in one place, so that if there are updates, you’ll be sure to see them!

These instructions have two important new parts – they start with five key concepts of the game explained:

  • Dead ‘til Dawn is designed to play out like a zombie movie
  • The instructions are on the cards.  
  • In Dead ‘til Dawn, dying is part of the game
  • Scarcity is a feature of the game
  • Each player wins or loses on their own

Knowing these will certainly help news players. The second new part of the instructions comes at the end, with a Game Variants section:

  • Beginner Walkthrough
  • Complex Characters
  • Solitaire

I’d love to continue to expand that list, so if you and yours come up with house rules or game variants that you especially like, I would love to hear about them! One backer wrote in, and got me thinking that there might be a fun way to play the game where dying is the end of the road, but who knows! If you come up with something and love it, let me know!

I’ll be printing copies of these expanded rules and including them with the rest of the shipments – it’s not a lot to say thank you for your patience, but it’s something I can do! Thank you very, very much!!

Shipping Shipping forever Shipping!

Shipping is chugging along! About a fifth of the games have been shipped so far, and though I have to head out of town through the weekend, I expect to get the rest out within the next two weeks! The hard part was all of the unique sets, but those are almost all done, and once they are, it’ll be way faster. I hope!

I have been asked about the order that I’m shipping in, so here’s the breakdown:

1 – sets with special charcater cards (sorting these and making sure I get them all to the right people was a huge project, but they’re all sent off!)

2 – basic sets (there’s about 20 of these. These are sets without the expansion pack)

3 – expanded sets (some of these got sent out this morning, but most haven’t been yet)

4 – multiple copy orders (there’s like six of these)

5 – international (I hate to wait til last for these, but they’re the spendiest, and the ones I most want to make sure that nothing is wrong with, because REsending things would be even more expensive! I’ve sent off one set to Shane in Canada, if that makes it just fine then these are next!)

If you have any questions along the way definitely reach out and ask me! 

Dead ’til Dawn Takes to the Sea


Great news! As of my last update from the manufacturer, the games were loaded onto a boat in Shanghai on the 15th, and should be powering across the Pacific ocean RIGHT NOW! She sent me these photos to share with you guys:


The estimated shipping time is 15 days, though a close friend of mine who knows a ton about shipping just warned me yesterday that things like shipping and importing are tricky, and to expect more delays, just because there often are many things that can happen, like inspections taking extra long, paperwork delays, pirates, whales, etc.


The games should arrive in Seattle in about two weeks, and then get loaded onto a truck and taken to Portland, Oregon, where they’ll be unboxed and re-boxed and boxed off to you! Boxed, of course.

In just a few short weeks, fifty of these boxes of boxes will arrive!


I am THIS Close to Shipping! Also, ®!

logo R

Well, it’s been 2 weeks, so here’s a new update about Dead ’til Dawn®! In short, THINGS ARE HAPPENING. They’re just happening in China, and slowly, but they ARE happening!

According to my contact, Annie, with my manufacturer, CustomedCards (, they’re aiming to have the manufacturing done this next week! There’s a boat that they are trying to catch that leaves Shanghai on August 16th. More on this as is develops, of course.

A word on CustomedCards – I know this process has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, but if you’re looking for a company to partner with to make your game, I HIGHLY recommend them. Some of the delays have been things that I would never have thought to check on, but they did! They have a great artist on staff to help with issues that arise, and Annie has been AMAZING at replying quickly, understanding what’s needed, and just everything else. Especially if you’re looking to get a prototype printed, they’re cheap and the one I got from them is easily professional quality.

One last little piece of news – I heard back from the lawyer I hired last fall, and “Dead ’til Dawn” is now a registered trademark, owned by Cavewolf Games, and I can start putting ® after the title! You may be asking (and SHOULD be asking), “shouldn’t that have been settled BEFORE you slapped that name on your game?!” Yeah. That would have been smart, but THEN you’d be waiting until 2019 for this game, and the WORLD NEEDS DEAD ‘TIL DAWN!

Also, trademarking a game’s name isn’t really necessary, as long as you can demonstrate that you’ve been selling the product with the name FIRST (this is all stuff I’m acting like I know, that I mind-leached from my lawyer). The real danger with THIS game is the super-saturation of the market with zombie-themed properties with “dead” in the title. My lawyer was mostly worried about the Romero empire getting their feathers ruffled, and so I charged ahead! And now, when Dead ’til Dawn® explodes into children’s cartoons, lunch boxes, and fidget spinners, I’ll be RICH! Buahahaha!

So that’s the news! I’m hoping that this next week I get to update you with YOUR GAMES ARE ON A BOAT! We’ll see! Tune in next week!


Green, Cash, and Little Cardboard Bullets

Hey all! I have some time, and I get asked frequently for more updates, soooo here’s a very detailed account of what’s happened this week, with regards to the game. If you are a busy person, you can just skip this update, it’s like a non-arc episode. There’s some craziness, but in the end, it’s all back to normal.

Three fun things this week:

Chapter One – Fifty Shades of Green

Several weeks earlier, when there was a lull while I was waiting on something-or-other, I got the idea to tweak the image at the bottoms of just a few of the zombie cards. Just a little change on only eight of the cards. Changes like this:

Pretty nifty little things for you to notice later and go, “oh whoa, this card is a little different!” and then you’d paw through all the cards, and feel special for noticing something that I’d left for you, and we’d laugh and skip into the meadows hand in hand, with the bluebirds, and raccoons, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals…

So, this last Monday, I get a message from Annie, my contact in China, about how those cards I changed ended up getting the colors in their name banners changed, too, and while the colors look exactly the same on a screen, when printed they are noticeably different. ARGH! So, I set to work to fix those colors, but after 5 attempts, and 3 days, they still didn’t match. I’m actually really good with Photoshop, so this made me crazy! But the problem is that InDesign is involved, and there’s some things about how colors shift from digital to print that are BEYOND MY POWERS! It was slowing everything down, so Thursday, I decided to drop the little plan, and go back to all of them having the same zombie heads and butts. Everything else had been printed – the boxes, the instructions, the tokens, everything was waiting on THIS, and… nifty pics got axed.

Cue sad panda.

Chapter Two – Other People’s Money

Then, the next lame thing happened. Yesterday, I was grading some stuff (I teach), when I got a call to investigate some possible fraudulent charges on my account. Someone had racked up over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS in charges on iTunes, using my business bank account. That’s YOUR money! It’s all been resolved, and we’ll get the money back, but still! This account exists only to get your money to the manufacturer, and to the post office to ship you guys your stuff. Ugh! How on Earth did anyone get the info?! They have no clue. Blech. Sigh.

Cue angry panda.

Chapter Three – A New Hope

The last bit of news is GOOD! I mentioned earlier that, other than these zombie cards, everything has been made already! This is awesome news! Annie sent me this pic of one of the token punchboards that you will get with your game:

And so, there’s all the news for this week!